Personal Trainer and Nutritionist: A Winning Combo

Having a personal fitness certification and a nutrition certification gives you the winning combo for training & better health. People always comment that you cannot outrun a bad diet. This is so true! No matter how much or how intensely you work out, if you have poor dietary habits, you will not get to see the rewards of all of your hard efforts.

Personal training and nutrition certification go together when assisting an individual to start making healthy choices and habits. It doesn’t have to be perfect all at once. Creating a healthy lifestyle takes time. You did not get to this point in your life overnight and the solution will not happen overnight either. Taking small steps to make small changes that are ongoing and then continuing to build off of that is the best way to make healthy habits stick. American fitness guidelines suggest that eating a low sugar and nutrient rich diet combined with an active lifestyle can help lower risks of many preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Using diet and exercise together as a combo to benefit your health can save you money in health care costs in the long term and can help cut back on prescription drug costs as well.

Older individuals who use personal trainers and nutritionists have healthier and more active geriatric years with greater independence. They are able to work with trainers to help strengthen bones and joints and to increase their stability using functional fitness to make them less prone to falling. A nutritionist can help bridge any gaps in vitamin or mineral deficiencies to help keep their immune system strong. Many prescription medications can alter vitamin and mineral levels in the body. Working with a nutritionist or dietician can help keep you healthy and prevent imbalances before they have a negative effect on your health.

Personal sports trainer coaches will also use training and nutrition as a winning combo to help their clients perform their very best. Eating to fuel your sport is very important and different types of sports require different amounts and types of foods. For example a body builder will require more protein in their diet compared to a distance runner who consumes more carbohydrates. The nutrition is just as important as the training itself. Take advantage of the winning combo of personal training and nutrition certifications to help train at the very best that you can be.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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