Partner with ASFA for Fitness Professional Discounts!

Partnering with ASFA provides multiple benefits for fitness professionals. If you own a personal trainer company or manage a personal training business, having a professional fitness affiliation that provides consistent top notch training and also fits within your budget will be the key to success when creating a personal trainer management system and marketing plan. A partnership with ASFA gives your personal trainers access to personal trainer on line courses for certification programs that ensure all of your fitness instructors are receiving the same kind of training for consistent productivity and client satisfaction. Purchasing a partnership also provides personal trainer offers that make certifications very affordable for fitness professionals to continue their education and obtain additional training and certifications to better and advance their careers and set of skills.

The cost of training is one of the many factors that prevent fitness professionals from specializing in a sport specific certification or coaching program. The cost of training can also hinder additional certification training that may compliment the trainers extensive knowledge in fitness training, for example sports nutrition certification and triathlon coaching or holistic wellness and yoga certifications.  These additional specialty areas of training can help strengthen the techniques and approaches that fitness professionals use when training clients. Partnering with ASFA provides professional discounts that allows your fitness trainers to work towards additional certifications without the burden of high cost tuition payments.

Companies that are not in the fitness industry can take advantage of these professional fitness discounts as well. Larger corporations have acknowledged that they see a positive benefit in supplying their employees with access to corporate gyms, training classes, and education. Their employees are happier, have less sick days, and are more productive.  All of these factors save companies money in the long run and help companies achieve larger growth and sales due to the fewer sick days and increase in productivity from their employees. Companies can partner with ASFA as well to provide their employees access to basic personal training classes for personal enrichment and well as nutrition courses for personal wellness with professional discounts. The benefits of partnering with ASFA go well beyond the professional discounts by providing individuals a lifetime a health, wellness, and fitness to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Contact ASFA today to sign up for your partnership and professional discounts!

Partner with ASFA for Fitness Professional Discounts! 

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