Online Sport-Specific Training Certification

Help athletes improve their performance and compete at the highest levels of their chosen sport!                

Sport-specific training is a supreme form of fitness that is infinitely beneficial to professional and recreational athletes. When competing in sports or athletics, individuals must attain a great level of fitness and conditioning to perform at the peak of their abilities. Generic fitness training can help improve your overall fitness, muscle strength and lower body fat etc., but specialized sport-specific training will push you that extra mile.

Training that is specific to the sport you compete in should help develop your skills directly relating to that sport and will help optimize your performance. For example, a swimmer could perform arm and shoulder exercises with resistance help build their strength to improve their swimming strokes. Another example could be sprinters performing shuttle runs to help improve their speed and agility. This type of fitness is quite varied depending on the type of sport you compete in, but the basics remain the same perform activities that will directly impact aspects of your competitive performance.

ASFA® offers a Sport-Specific instruction certification for those who want to teach this type of exercise regime. As a fitness professional, you can benefit a great deal from this type of certification. Sport-specific training will allow you to appeal to a different range of clients and boost your reputation by training athletes. This certification is extremely convenient and due to its online nature, can be taken from the comfort of your own home.

During your studies, you will learn a variety of techniques and routines to use in your new sport-specific instruction. You will also learn the benefits of improved hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, dexterity, agility, etc. Once qualified, you can then start your new diverse career as an ASFA® certified Sport-Specific instructor. What are you waiting for? Start your certification today!

Sport Specific Training Certification



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