Online Speed and Agility Instruction Certification: Speed at Your Own Pace...

Take our Speed and Agility Instruction certification at a time that suits you and in a stress-free environment.    

As a fitness professional, it is in your best interest to continue your education and attempt to learn as many different skills and activities as possible. If you have a wide variety of activities that you can teach, you should be able to attract a wider range of clientele to your business. Furthermore, self-development helps us grow into well-rounded individuals and widen our horizons.

A great way to continue your education is through certifications. ASFA® offers a fantastic range of fitness certifications that will improve your fitness knowledge and allow you to specialize in new activities. One great avenue to expand your fitness knowledge is our speed and agility instruction certification. ASFA®'s Speed and Agility instruction certification will teach you the benefits of these aspects and help you create a niche for your business.

Speed and Agility are aspects of fitness and sport that are often overlooked; however, they are vital if you want to reach the top. You might be a great runner, but can you accelerate quickly and run at a fast pace? Speed is important for many different sports and activities such as 100m races and football. Agility is also important to help athletes perform a variety of different maneuvers and actions. There are many sports professionals who would benefit greatly from speed and agility training to help improve their performance at competition level. 

If you take the ASFA® Speed and Agility instruction certification you will learn all about these two important aspects of fitness. You will learn different techniques and activities like Plyometrics, jumping exercises and shuttle runs. You will also receive information on why speed and agility are important and how you can help improve your client’s fitness. Our online certifications are extremely convenient and being certified in speed and agility will allow you to successfully create your own speed and agility classes.

Speed and Agility Instruction Certification

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