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Become a Certified Running Coach!

Continuing education as a fitness professional is a vital aspect of your career. Keeping your skills and knowledge current is the only way you can maintain a high level of service to your clients. Without certifications and education, you may end up providing a service that is outdated and not as beneficial to your customers. Our knowledge of the human body and of fitness techniques is constantly evolving; therefore, our knowledge of fitness routines and exercises must evolve too.  A great way to continue your education and maintain a high level of service is to continue your qualifications and expand your knowledge base with ASFA® fitness qualifications. These are extremely pertinent and will provide practical benefits to your fitness service. 

One of our popular certifications is the running fitness instruction certification. Running is a mainstay of fitness and one of the most practiced activities. Many people run daily and use it as a means of stress-relief and keeping fit. Despite this fact, many people who run do not have a great running style or technique and would benefit greatly from a personal running coach. This is where you would come in! During your studies, you will learn about running as a fitness activity and how it can help the human body. You will also learn about the cardiovascular benefits and a myriad of correct running techniques, apparel, analysis tests and more... Running is as much about technique, pace and correct breathing as it is about sheer endurance and you will come to understand this.

Once you have completed our online running fitness instruction certification, you can give personal running coaching or add running sessions into your fitness classes. However, you choose to implement your new found skills, you can be assured that your clientele will increase and your reputation will improve once you have continued your education and expanded your skill set with running fitness instruction!

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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