Online Group Fitness Certification

Group Fitness - Maximizing Your Impact

As a fitness professional, you know that there is only so much you can do in the hours you have. When training one-on-one, you can optimize your clients' results - but, cannot have a large range of clients. To best optimize your volume of training, it is essential to learn the best methods and practices of group fitness training.  With ASFA's online Group Fitness Instruction certification, you can optimize your time commitment by effectively training a significantly larger quantity of clients.  There is a time and place for one-on-one training and for group fitness training, top-level fitness professionals should have both skills in their arsenals.  

Are you up-to-date with your fitness continued education?  Have you brushed up on one-on-one and group fitness training lately?  Click the link below to check out our online Group Fitness Certification.  Further your fitness knowledge and be on top of your game! 

Online Group Fitness Certification

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