Medicine Ball vs. Slam Ball…Pros & Cons

Medicine balls are usually larger than slam balls and can be used for a variety of purposes. Medicine balls can be made out of leather, rubber, plastic, or vinyl and can help you work muscles from a different angle that may be difficult to target using dumbbells. Medicine balls are not designed to be thrown or slammed like the slam ball. The medicine ball has a softer outer shell than the slam ball. Because of the material they are made from and the core inside them, if they are thrown or slammed into the ground, you have a very high risk of the medicine ball bouncing back and causing injury or it breaking. Popular exercises using the medicine ball include V-ups, planks, and rolling push-ups.  Medicine balls can also replace exercises with dumbbells for a different angle and feel. Doing crunches on the floor while holding the medicine ball safely above you will add some challenging resistance for added core strength. Medicine balls can be used for natural bodybuilding workouts to safely target hard to reach muscle groups.  

Slam balls are designed for throwing. They do not bounce and have a heavy duty outer shell that prevents the slam ball from breaking upon impact with the ground. Slam balls can be substituted in many exercises that use medicine balls. The function of the slam ball is to use your entire body for explosive strength that increases functional fitness, core strength, and power. Popular exercises using a slam ball include overhead slams, lateral throws, and chest passes. Keeping good form and posture will be important when using a slam ball so that your lower back is supported. Combination exercises such as squats and lunges combined with slam ball throws can help provide both aerobic and anaerobic benefits while blasting calories during your workouts.  

Both types of fitness equipment can help enhance your current workout plans to help you reach your fitness goals faster. If you have neck shoulder injuries or chronic back pain, you will need fitness trainer support to help you get started. A fitness trainer can monitor your form, provide modifications if necessary, and demonstrate different types of exercises that you can do with a medicine and slam ball. Build power and strength with medicine ball and slam ball workouts!

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