Mat Pilates vs. Equipment Pilates: Pros and Cons

Pilates are a great exercise choice for increasing lean muscle tissue, toning your body, and increasing flexibility and stability. There are two different types of Pilates exercises. The two different types of Pilates workouts are mat Pilates and equipment Pilates. Although the style and equipment used varies between both types of Pilates, both will provide you a challenging workout that can help you transform your body.

Mat Pilates focuses on building core strength and also includes exercises that use your arm and leg muscles. Mat Pilates are popular because you can do them anywhere without needing any equipment. Some exercisers will use exercise stability balls to aid them with mat Pilates to increase their range of motion and support. An exercise yoga ball can also be used similarly to the stability balls.  Exercise bands can also be used to make the exercises more challenging and intense. Mat Pilates are usually performed on a mat and the simplicity of the set up makes it well loved by exercisers on the go who need a quick and mobile workout that challenges them. The Hundred, The Rocker, Bicycles, and Push-ups are just a handful of the many mat Pilates exercises that you can do. Mat Pilates were designed for all age groups and fitness levels to be able to do and benefit from. There are beginner exercises and more advanced movements. Modifications can be made to many of them to keep all fitness levels engaged and challenged as they work through the flow of the workout. You can get a great workout in, similar to what a personal trainer does, with the challenging exercises of mat Pilates in the comfort of your own home. 

Equipment Pilates are normally done at a private studio or health club. The equipment used is a carriage like device called a transformer. The transformer allows you to work many more muscles at the same time and target different angles that you would not be able to do on the mat.  The transformer also allows you to make more customized adjustments on the tension of the springs for the maximum challenge. The transformers used are very expensive and large so most individuals do not commonly have these in their homes. You would need to have a membership at a Pilates studio or health club to get access to these machines or pay for individual class session. The same exercises done in mat Pilates can be done on equipment Pilates. Equipment Pilates exercises are normally not able to transfer to mat Pilates without modifications because the transformer is not used in floor or mat movements. 

Both types of Pilates can support a fat loss workout program by aiding with strengthening, toning, and calorie burn. Each style of Pilates is unique and can be adjusted or modified to fit the individual needs of the client. If you’re tired of the same old boring gym workout, try mat or equipment Pilates for a change.

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