Master Personal Training Certification: Rise to the Top!

Raise the Bar in Your Gym with a Master Personal Training Certification!

Next time you are in the gym or your fitness studio, take a look around at all of the fitness professionals.  Take and inventory of where you stack up when lined up against the rest.  Most personal trainers have a basic certification that taught them the basics.  That is what basic certifications do!  But, who has taken his/her skills to the next level?  Have you taken your skills to the next level?  Whether it is about providing your clients a better service, personal accomplishment or even bringing in more revenue - there is one qualification that stands out amongst the rest.  It's time to look at becoming a Master Personal Trainer.

Taking your master level personal training certification involves a more in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and more. Once you learned the basics, didn't you want to know more?  Is it good enough to just know what to do and what not to do?  Or, do you need to know why it is correct or incorrect?  You know that certain exercises cause a shearing force on a joint - and that can be bad, but why?  What effect can that force have on connecting tissues?  Which tissues and which joints are effected by that force?  What is a viable substitute exercise that is both safe and effective?  If you ask these types of questions, you should look at starting your studying to become a Master Personal Trainer.

ASFA® makes taking our Master Personal Trainer test convenient and at your fingertips.  With our mobile-friendly site, you can take your test from your PC, laptop or smartphone anywhere that you have an internet connection.  Also, you know that you information is secure and can see that our site has a secured 'https' domain!  So, are you ready to raise the bar in your gym?  

Are you ready to rise to the top by becoming a Master Personal Trainer?

Master Personal Training Certification

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