Master Personal Training Certification: Are You Ready for 2019?

When you are working through your personal trainer requirements, you will have the option to obtain additional personal training certificates in areas that you would like to specialize in or have a strong interest in. Not all trainers have equal certification and levels of training. Getting the most out of your training to get a master level personal training certification can help get you ready for 2019!

Having a Master level personal training certification is one of the most prestigious personal trainer certifications you can get. It shows that you have put forth more hours of training than other pt training courses. You are able to help a more broad range of clients, both in age and fitness levels. The average trainer takes courses to help the average person achieve greater health and fitness.   A master level personal trainer can help clients that have specific areas of interest or have a specific physical demand or injury that they need help overcoming or rehabilitating from. A master personal trainer can also help with sports specific training. At many establishments, a master level trainer is in charge of teaching personal training certification classes to other trainers. Many of them will also teach trainer workshop programs to keep their trainers up to date on the newest trends and developments in the health and fitness industry.

Master level personal training can also put you at a higher pay scale than your regular trainer or group fitness instructors. New Year’s resolutions often include greater success and an increase of salary. Obtaining additional certifications can grant you that opportunity making you stand out from the other trainers. Master level training always gives you that opportunity for personal growth and continued education as the fitness industry rapidly changes with trends.

Many master level trainers will stay with larger health club establishments which give them greater opportunities to move around within their field. Master level trainers could easily work in other fields as well such as a physical therapists office or another doctor’s office specializing in health and wellness. Many corporations are now adding gyms and trainers to their campuses as they see the added value and benefits of offering those services to their employees. Even online personal training has taken off in the past few years.

Wherever you choose to work, having a Master level training certificate can help you tackle any job in the fitness industry in 2019. Don’t delay!

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