Make CPR/AED and First Aid Certification a Priority!

CPR Certification

Fitting in our workouts each week...healthy meal planning for ourselves and our families...keeping our kids motivated and on track in school and activities...enjoying quality time with family and friends. All things we do to improve our quality of life...they fulfill us. But have you given any thought or time to learn critical skills like CPR/AED and First Aid that could save a life? 

Emergencies can happen every day and anywhere--maybe on our commute to the office, in our workplaces, at a sporting event or even at home. Are you prepared to respond to an emergency situation and be able to assist an injured person until first responders arrive?

Learning CPR/AED and First Aid online is simple, straightforward and necessary for us all. By investing a short amount of time, you will quickly and effectively learn the lifesaving tools that you might need to respond properly to an emergency situation. After completion of an online course, you will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing exactly what to do if you ever encounter an emergency situation. 

At American Sports and Fitness Association®, we believe in the critical need for online, quick access to CPR/AED and First Aid education so we have partnered with MyCPR NOW to provide a 20% discount to our ASFA® fitness family and partners through the end of October, enter code ASFA20 at checkout. For the safety of their clients and themselves, personal and group fitness trainers, as well as gym, fitness center, and health club staff must be trained in CPR/AED and First Aid. 

MyCPR NOW’s online program emphasizes the basic principles of CPR/AED and First Aid. It will take you step by step from recognizing an emergency or injury to the appropriate response and initial treatment of medical and trauma emergencies such as shock, stroke, choking, seizures, and wound care for both adults and children to highlight just a few training opportunities.

Another benefit of MyCPR NOW’s online program is the free and easy-to-follow course manuals as they believe everyone should have access to life-saving information. The certification exams are reasonably priced and always available any time you may want to refresh your skills.

So take that next step, giving your confidence a boost by checking out MyCPR NOW's certifications and manuals. Be prepared today to save a life tomorrow!

Take advantage of the 20% off MyCPR NOW™ discount offer for 
ASFA® fitness family and partners by entering code ASFA20 at checkout!


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