LISS Cardio–What is It?

Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio, refers to exercises or cardio activities that maintain the same low-intensity cardio pace, or steady state, for a set period of time. To fall under the guidelines for LISS cardio, the workout and steady pace must be sustained for a minimum of 30-minutes. Many types of these exercises can last for many hours and are excellent for endurance athletes needing to build endurance safely. LISS cardio workouts can burn fat more efficiently than the higher intensity workouts due to the fact that the heart rate is elevated for longer periods of time. LISS cardio workouts are associated with significantly reduced risks of sports injuries because of the low-impact nature of the activities, making LISS cardio a great choice of exercise for all fitness levels and ages.  

Books on fitness training and recent articles on health and fitness agree that lower intensity workouts performed for a set amount of time can help improve your health and personal fitness. Some examples of LISS cardio workouts that you can do from home include a brisk walk, biking around the neighborhood, or swimming. Each of these activities if performed for a minimum of 30-minutes will help burn fat, increase endurance, and help tone your body. If you are not a strong swimmer but enjoy exercising in the water, an aqua fitness specialist can help show you low-intensity steady state cardio exercises that you can do in the pool to receive the maximum fitness gain from your aquatic workouts without having to know how to swim. Some examples of LISS cardio that you can do at a gym or health club include an elliptical trainer, rowing machine, or stair climber machine. You can adjust the speed, incline, and resistance to keep these machines challenging and to help personalize your workouts to meet specific personal fitness goals. Changing the incline and resistance can help target specific muscle groups and keep your body balanced as you build endurance.  

Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio workouts, can also be included in your back injury prevention program. The lower impact exertion associated with LISS cardio workouts puts minimal impact or stress on your back and joints making it an ideal fitness solution for individuals who are prone to injury, recovering from injury, new to fitness, and older adults wanting to stay active safely. LISS cardio can be used by athletes to improve endurance and by individuals who want to improve personal fitness. LISS cardio can be enjoyed by all ages and can be done anywhere. 

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