Kickbox & Step Aerobics Certification: The Winning Combo!

Learn how to teach this combination of fun, fast-paced and energetic fitness activities!                

Some types of fitness activity can naturally be paired together. The way they are performed means that they complement each other and can work in conjunction. Two activities that work like this are Step Aerobics & Kickbox Aerobics. Step Aerobics involves a great deal of footwork using a raised platform, and kickboxing involves a variety of different kicks, punches, and movement. Fitness classes can be created combining these two activities together. The result is an extremely fun and energetic series of routines that are challenging and beneficial.

If you are looking for a way to expand your fitness business and appeal to a new range of clients, you should consider this form of fitness as a viable option. The American Sports and Fitness Association® provides a Kickbox & Step aerobics instruction certification that will give you a direct path towards expanding your fitness continuing education. Once enrolled with ASFA®, you will study kickboxing and step aerobics in detail. You will learn an interesting set of moves, steps, kicks, punches, and jabs. Moreover, you will develop your understanding of the benefits of both types of fitness, and how you can develop your client’s performance.

Kickboxing and step aerobics are fun exercises. You will come to understand this through your studies and once certified, should be able to create your own action-packed routines.

A great aspect of this certification is that it is based online. It is extremely accessible and you do not have to attend night school or college, and can study at a time and pace that suits you. From the pointers listed above, it is evident that this certification is a truly valuable option for your future!

Kickbox/Step Aerobics Certification



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