Kickbox Aerobics: Kicking for Fun!

Further your career potential by learning the exciting and engaging art of kickbox aerobic instruction!              

Kickboxing is an extremely fun type of fitness activity that is extremely popular. This energetic and movement based activity teaches a lot of fun moves and exercises. During Kickbox aerobic classes, you will perform a variety of kicks, steps, punches and jabs – all to upbeat and rhythmic music. If you are looking for a lively group exercise class that has real benefits for your personal health and fitness, kickbox aerobics could be a perfect choice! 

Alternatively, if you are a personal fitness instructor, Kickbox aerobics could be the perfect activity to learn to further your career and add additional services to your repertoire. You could learn how to create your own kickboxing aerobic lessons and offer them to a new range of clients. This could be the opportunity you need to take your business to the next level and diversify your fitness business.

ASFA® provides a Kickbox & Step aerobics instruction certification that will allow you to start your new career path in this form of exercise. If you opt to take this qualification, you can study from home and at your own pace. The study material and examination can be completed online.

The material you study will give you a set of skills and knowledge that will help you formulate your own kickbox aerobics classes. You will learn various kicks, punches, uppercuts, jabs and step movements, and how to incorporate them into a fun and engaging series of routines.

As a form of continuing education, the ASFA® Kickbox & Step aerobics instruction certification is a great tool for your fitness progression and career-development. Furthermore, you should benefit from the new opportunities and avenues of business that kickbox aerobics can bring. What are you waiting for? Start your certification test today!

Kickbox/Step Aerobics Certification
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