Keeping Seniors Fit With Functional Fitness

Senior citizens can use exercise to help them stay fit. Functional fitness exercises can help seniors increase their stability making them stronger and lessen their risk of falling and getting hurt. Functional fitness can also help improve the quality of their lives by making their daily routines easier and keeping them independent longer with good health. 

At home fitness training makes working out easy for seniors who no longer drive or have limited mobility. Yoga and core strength exercises are both functional fitness activities that help strengthen the core and increase flexibility. Core balls can be used for added resistance and support for more advanced level seniors who want to challenge themselves a little more. Body weight creates a natural resistance that helps to tone and strengthen. 

Swimming is another functional fitness activity that seniors can enjoy. The water displaces body weight making it easier to work on strength and muscle without straining and while protecting the joints. Swimming can also be used to build stability and core strength. The pool can provide a large variety of workout ideas as well. You can do a basic swim, or walk back and forth the length of the pool, and you can use aqua weights for resistance exercises. Lunges and squats are easier in a pool as knees and hips are well protected from the displacement of body weight in the water. 

Light weights can be used to help protect bone density. Our bones naturally lose density as we age. Weight training or resistance training help to protect our bone density and can even improve it. The weights do not have to be heavy to benefit from these exercises. 

Walking is a perfect functional exercise for seniors to build endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Wellness advisors recommend at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise for seniors at least three times per week. Walking provides a social outlet for seniors as well who are working on similar personal fitness goals. Create a walking group or make a social calendar for friends or seniors from other communities to join you for walks. It’s a fun way to stay connected and pass the time while working on your personal fitness. 

Make a difference in your community today and help seniors get fit and healthy. If you are interested in becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor, just click the link below!   

Senior Fitness Instructor Certification

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