Interval Cycling Classes - Get Certified!

Indoor cycling instructor courses are the first step in getting certified to teach interval cycling classes. Interval cycling is a challenging workout with big benefits including increased endurance and strength for endurance sports training. The intervals are intense enough that you can see faster results in your training in a relatively short period of time. Interval training provides results faster than long training rides alone.

A cycling instruction workshop can teach you everything you need to know about being an indoor cycling instructor. When you complete the certified cycling trainer program, you will be able to create your fitness studio business plan. Cycling is a popular demand in studios and health clubs. The indoor cycling classes give individuals a safe place to train and not worry about getting lost, stuck in bad weather, or personal safety issues. You will be able to help adjust the bikes to help each client find a good adjustment and starting level. Your upbeat personality and encouraging demeanor will help guide your clients through their intervals.

Each of your clients will have a different personal goal when attending your classes. Some are training to compete in cycling or triathlon events. Others will use cycling classes as cross training for other sports that they are involved in. And some will simply want to try something new to prevent boredom. Your strength and conditioning accreditation will help challenge those that require a little more from you while giving extra time to the newer students who may need more hands on help with their bike.

During interval cycling classes, you push harder on the intervals to build endurance and cardio fitness. You will need to monitor your clients to make sure that none of them over exert themselves with a heart rate that may be too high. You will be able to adjust the training plans for the individuals that need to lower their heart rate.

Teaching interval cycling classes are a fun way to maximize fitness and build personal fitness. It is always a rewarding feeling to know that you are helping others get fit and to reach their athletic aspirations.


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