Indoor Cycling: Biking in a Controlled Environment

Cycling is a great way to burn calories and build cardiovascular fitness. Cycling outdoors is not always the best option for exercise enthusiasts. Depending on where you live, it may be too hot or too cold to get your cycling workout in. Cyclists also have to worry about personal safety and traffic. Finding other cyclists to ride with can also be challenging at times. Indoor cycling is the best option for cyclists looking to burn calories in a safe and controlled environment.

Methods of indoor cycling are similar to a real bicycle. You can make active adjustments to your bike to mimic the feel of cycling uphill and downhill. The seat and bars adjust too, just like a real bike, so you can simulate those same movements. The indoor bike can be as challenging as you want. You have the freedom to adjust the bike to the levels and speed that you want to go. If you need an easy ride, you can keep the gears low and make adjustments as needed. If you need a challenging ride with hill repeats, you can raise the gears and keep them there as long as you need. The choice is yours and your workout is completely customized to you.

Benefits of cycling classes are very similar to the benefits of biking outdoors. The advantage is you do not have to deal with traffic lights or cars. You are in a safe controlled environment that is air conditioned. You have an fitness instructor leading the class with fun music in an upbeat and motivating atmosphere. Another benefit is getting to socialize with new friends in your class. Many classes create really strong bonds and hold each other accountable when a teammate doesn’t show up.

Indoor cycling motivation is easy when you have a great instructor and friends to cycle with. Many of the instructors will have a customized music list that they use so you can cycle to the beat without having to think much about pace and speed. The instructors are well trained on the bike equipment and can help you make any necessary adjustments to make sure you have good alignment and a comfortable ride. Do not be shy to ask for help in adjusting your bike. It is important to have the seat and bars in good alignment with your height so that you do not have any aches or pains during class due to poor alignment. Invite your friends to join you! You’ll get to socialize with your friends and enjoy a great workout at the same time. Friends that burn calories together, stay together!

Indoor cycling is a great way to burn calories. It is fun, safe, motivating, and helps to build cardiovascular fitness. Contact your local health club for class schedules and try an indoor cycling class today!

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