How To Pick The Right Personal Trainer

All personal trainers have some specific trainer skills required in order to pass their exam for certification. When meeting with a trainer for the first time, you should be able to see the level of passion for what they do. The ones who are very enthusiastic about fitness and health are upbeat and fun to work with. They go above and beyond to get you motivated and will help keep you on track when you are having low moments of motivation and accountability.  They will help you celebrate those little accomplishments on your personal fitness journey. If you struggle with keeping on task, having a highly passionate and upbeat trainer is the right fitness trainer for you.

It is perfectly okay to compare certifications among the personal trainers that you are most interested in working with. Each unique certification gives each trainer a special area of interest and specialized skills. You have to identify what you personally want before you can find the best personal trainer for you. If you need help with proper weightlifting techniques, you don’t want a trainer who specializes in aerobic dance. You would want someone who has certifications in strength training and anaerobic fitness.  

If you are an athlete, you may be interested in working with a sport specific coach or personal trainer to help enhance your skills and increase your level of competitiveness. For example, if you play golf, a golf fitness trainer with sport specific skills for that sport can help you with a golf swing program to help strengthen your hit and prevent muscular imbalances in the arms and shoulders. Functional fitness exercises can be used to help strengthen the moves you use for your specific sport. Using sport specific personal trainers can also help prevent sports injury and keep you active in your sport longer.

No two trainers are alike. Identifying what you want to get out of your personal training can help you decide what type of trainer is best for you. Open communication with your trainer is best so that your trainer can fully understand your personal fitness goals and can help you customize a road map to success!

If you love fitness and you love to help others, consider a shift in career and get your certification in personal training today!

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