How to Not Gain Weight Over the Holidays

Many healthy Americans succumb to the annual weight gain over the holidays. With so many festivities to celebrate, office parties, and family gatherings, it is easy to see how this happens. Being prepared and making a plan to get through the holidays can help you stick with your healthy diet plan and avoid those unnecessary pounds.

One easy tip to follow is to never show up at a party hungry. You will be more likely to over indulge if you are ravenous before the event even starts. Have a light and healthy meal or a healthy snack before you go. This will insure that you won’t be digging around the buffet table looking for something to eat.

Another tip is to stay hydrated. Drink a full glass of water before having something to eat from the party table. Being well hydrated will help you feel full by adding volume into your stomach, in addition to keeping you hydrated during these harsh winter months.

Surround yourself with like-minded company. It will be easier to stick to your healthy diet plan if your friends are eating healthy too. You will collectively be each others' accountability partners. You can be training for an event together or simply training for healthier life choices.

Avoid multiple alcoholic beverages. These are simply empty calories and provide very little nutritional value. Try making a healthier alternative that is still fun and festive. You can fill a large pitcher with grape juice, club soda, and fruit pieces for an alcohol free “sangria”. Waters infused with fruit can be tasty and look appealing in clear pitchers as well.

Offer to bring a dish to share. Veggies are always a great choice. Instead of traditional ranch dressing that is high in fat, opt for some spicy hummus and you’ll get some protein too! Veggies have very little calories and will also take up volume in the stomach. You could eat a plateful of veggies and still add very few calories.

Holiday festivities don’t have to be a downer on your diet. Make a plan and stick with it and you can guarantee you won’t be a victim of the holiday weight gain.

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