How To Become A Licensed Personal Trainer

Training to be a personal trainer is easier than you think! Personal training certification costs vary depending on what type of personal fitness training courses you take. There are multiple options for obtaining your license in personal training. Personal training school programs often provide hands-on training and workshops to help you learn and study. There are also online certification training courses for those that need greater flexibility with scheduling. Both can provide you with all the materials you need to become a licensed personal trainer.

After you complete your fitness trainers course work, you will be able to take your exam. You must have a passing grade on your exam to obtain a certification in personal training. Be sure to check the requirements for the type of certification you wish to receive to make sure your prerequisites are completed before your testing date. Some certifications require a CPR and AED certification to qualify to complete the exam. Many will require a hands-on classroom styled instruction in order to get that CPR certification. There are online options for the CPR certification, but not all fitness trainer schools accept them so be sure to check those prerequisites.

Once you have your certification, you are eligible to work as a personal trainer. You can seek employment from a health club or studio establishment or train people on the side from anywhere. Many personal trainers have started training online to give their clients the greatest flexibility with their workouts and getting in their training when they have the time.

Trainer salary also varies with the types of certifications that you have and the number of hours that you work. Some trainers are full time employees at a health club. They are paid a salary to be there whether they are training a client or not. Others are part time or paid by event, depending on what their tasks are.

Get your certification in personal training and make a difference in somebody’s life and your community today. Be the catalyst for change and spark inspiration for fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Personal Training Certification

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