How Much Should Personal Trainers Cost?


It shouldn't be that difficult to maintain good health, especially financially. A single personal training session has often been expensive, averaging $50 to $100 per hour. Even if working with a professional is the most efficient approach to form the habit of exercising, people are deterred by the cost of making the essential move towards improved health. The scope of how and where you can get professional assistance is being greatly expanded by a new category of 1-on-1 Online Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches.

What if participating in one-on-one personal training could be as simple and inexpensive as replying to a text on your phone? Online personal training offers a convenient, affordable alternative to in-person training for anyone wishing to develop a fitness program in their own time and space. In addition, personal training may provide you with the best instruction in an affordable bundle, especially in this busy world when you don't have time to go to the gym and make an appointment.

A high specialized personal trainer will typically cost you $75 or more per hour, although costs might vary depending on the trainer's experience and the trainee's growth. A skilled, qualified personal trainer may create routines just for you, which you can complete whenever and wherever you prefer.

Here are some benefits of 1-on-1 Online Training and Fitness Coaching

You can get in shape based on your schedule and budget:

Have a trainer come to you, and enjoy all the advantages of working with a professional.


It is very accommodating to your schedule:

Maintaining your health should be a top concern in today's hectic society. You can incorporate online fitness coaching easily into your schedule.


You have a wide range of trainers:

You can select the trainer that is best for you based on your preferences, interests, and any other specializations.


Your trainer will be available to you 24/7:

In this context, "personal trainer" is redefined. In addition to the sessions, your trainer may even provide round-the-clock assistance, assisting you whenever you need it the most (presuming he/she is awake).


They'll hold you responsible; therefore, you can rely on them:

A personal trainer online can check in with you every day or once a week to see how you're doing instead of simply noticing you when you go into the gym. This gives you plenty of chances to ask any questions you might have and provides you with the feedback, encouragement, and inspiration you might need to keep moving forward.


You'll get workouts made specifically for you:

Most people think of "online" when they envision apps that present simple, conventional routines. However, with an online personal trainer, you get all the convenience of the internet together with a workout customized for you, taking into account any restrictions, prior injuries, and surgeries. This reduces the chance of damage and increases the likelihood of success.


Considerations For Hiring An Online Fitness Coach

A rising trend in fitness includes an online fitness instructor. Your coach will keep you motivated and hold you responsible for a plan with personalized workouts throughout your fitness journey. However, you should take into account some of these factors before selecting a coach when deciding who would be the best fit for you:



Consider some of these inquiries, such as "How frequently does your trainer check in with you?" Are they largely apathetic or actively trying to stay up with you? How many times a day can I get in touch with my trainer?


These questions should be answered with "frequently, certainly, and lots." A trainer should check in with you at least once weekly to discuss numbers. Our trainers follow up with their clients after each workout and throughout the week. In our opinion, the ideal strategy for success is a highly hands-on approach.



Your trainer needs to be reachable whenever you need them. Your trainer shouldn't restrict their ability to communicate with you by, for instance, only providing their email address. They should have phone, video, and text messaging options, guaranteeing a response time.



You are enrolling in personal training. A pre-made strategy and a one-size-all approach should raise serious red flags if you're looking for something unique.


If you’re someone who is interested in offering these services rather than availing them, it’s always recommended to upskill yourself with authentic certifications to stand out in the competition. American Sports & Fitness Association offer various certifications to help you charge more for your expertise and make a successful career in this field.


How Much Should Personal Trainers Cost?
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