Holiday Gadgets for Fitness Fans

Holiday shopping can be challenging sometimes when you are trying to find the right gift for the special athletes in your life. Knowing what the popular gadgets are can help you find the perfect something for the personal coaches or personal fitness instructor in your circle of friends. 

Heart rate monitors are great gift ideas for individuals who do cardio-based workouts. Cardio workouts can include air rowers, aerobic kickboxing, running, biking, and hiking. Heart rate monitors can help individuals train more efficiently. You can view what range you fall into while working out to help you determine if you need to push harder or slow down your pace to help meet your fitness goals.  Heart rate training can be divided up into zones based on your personal heart rate, like cardio zone and fat burn zone. If you are training for fat burn, but you mainly fall into the cardio zone when training, you are going to be building more endurance and increasing fitness rather than burning fat. If you are trying to increase endurance but mainly train in the fat burning zone, you will not see a huge improvement on personal fitness, stamina or endurance. Heart rate monitors come in a variety of options ranging from a traditional heart rate monitor strap that goes around your chest to a built in heart rate monitor connected to your sports watch. These can connect to your app for fitness trainer on your smart phone for minute by minute monitoring. 

Electronic muscle stimulator machines are good choices for individuals who are recovering from injury or who are prone to injury. The electrodes can be placed on the body where pain is felt and the machines have multiple programs to choose from. These programs send currents into the muscle to stimulate the muscle and to help them rejuvenate themselves for a faster recovery time. These types of products can also help improve circulation and help ease tension where muscles are tight. 

Hydration packs will be on the top of any adventurer or distance runner’s wish list! A hydration pack fits like a back pack but holds a reservoir of water in addition to many other pockets for storage of other necessities. For marathon runners or triathletes, a hydration pack allows them to carry their fluids and calories that they need without having to stop at water stations during their event. Not having to make stops at each aid station means a faster finishing time. Hikers can use hydration packs to keep all of their nutrition for the day on their backs and still be hands free for better stability as they enjoy their activities. Using a hydration pack helps keep the weight more evenly distributed across your body as opposed to other hydration methods around the waist or holding in your hands. Hydration packs can help alleviate chronic lower back pain and imbalances.  

These are just a few items out of many that make great fitness gadgets for holiday gift giving. Personal fitness trainers and fitness specialty stores are great resources for personalized ideas for the active individuals in your life. 

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