3 Holiday Family Fitness Ideas

The holiday season means more time with family and friends. However, spending more time with your family and friends does not have to mean that your personal fitness takes a back seat over the holidays. Doing fitness activities together that are fun can help keep your fitness on track while you make memories. Here are some ideas for holiday family fitness fun:

1. Ice skating! If you live up north where outdoor ice skating is available, go outside with your family and enjoy the winter season with an ice skating outing. If you live in warmer climates, take advantage of indoor ice skating facilities. Ice skating is a fun way to create memories and bonds with your family as well as burn calories and improve personal fitness and endurance. Ice skating activities can be used to count calories to lose weight. The average person can burn up to 250 calories during a 30-minute ice skating session. Ice skating can help build core strength and improve stability as well.

2. Go hiking! Hiking provides easy cardio workouts for you and your family. All ages and all fitness levels can enjoy a pretty trail during the winter time. Be sure to layer your clothing appropriately for the temperatures and climate in your area. Don’t forget to pack your hydration with you when you go on your winter hike. Even though the temperatures are much cooler in the winter, you can still suffer from dehydration so it is important to stay on top of that.

3. Yoga! Practicing yoga with your family during the holidays can be a great way to handle holiday stress. Your kids might be able to utilize some of the relaxing breathing techniques outside of yoga class to help them deal with stress at home or school. Improving your overall well-being will help your children gain self-confidence as well. Yoga can also be used to help improve flexibility and can help you recover faster from hard workouts by using deep stretches. 

There are many holiday family fitness options that you can participate in to help you stay on track with your own personal fitness and also to get your family more active. Check your local guides in your local region or contact a local personal trainer to provide you with articles on wellness events that are happening in your local community.

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