HIIT Certification: Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Many personal trainers recognize a High-intensity interval training (HIIT) certification as a requirement to get the most out of their clients' workouts. HIIT uses short bursts of explosive cardio moves to get your heart rate up quickly and holds it for a short amount of time. It is followed by another short period of strength training. Then sequence then begins again. Creating these intervals of aerobic and anaerobic movements torches calories faster than a traditional aerobics class making it the best choice for calorie burn in a short window of time.

Corporate health and wellness programs have adopted many of the HIIT workouts into their corporate fitness programs to allow employees to get the maximum amount of workout into a shorter window of time, making it perfect for professionals with a busy schedule. Certified fitness instructors love being able to adapt different workouts into their routines giving them more creative freedoms than a traditionally structured fitness class. Fitness certification courses provide trainers with all the knowledge they need to keep up with the modern trends in strength training and cardio giving them a better advantage when creating a high-intensity interval training program. They understand the need to keep the classes fresh and fun, but challenging enough to get the job done and to help clients stay on track to reaching their fitness goals.

HIIT certification also allows you try new techniques without having to be committed to them for an entire class. Since the intervals are very short, it makes it fun to add in a new exercise safely. Trainers will need to watch their clients to ensure that good form is used on the newer moves to prevent injury. Injury often happens from having poor form. Ensuring that each participant is doing the exercise correctly, leaves clients happy and returning for more classes.

HIIT certification is all the rage for clients looking to maximize their fitness classes. Using cardio and strength training together gives you a full body workout and builds core strength to have better posture and increased core fitness. Get the most out of your workout with a HIIT certification.

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