HIIT Cardio Workouts with Treadmill Interval Training

Personal training classes will utilize HIIT, or high intensity interval training, cardio workouts to blast calories, increase metabolism, and burn fat. The same principals of training can be used with treadmill training to maximize training benefits and to build endurance and stamina. Interval training involves a timed session of high intensity followed by a timed session of low intensity. Using both together forces your heart rate to increase multiple times for increased personal fitness, when compared to traditional cardio workouts where your heart rate goes up and stays steady for the duration of your workout.

Personal training ideas of doing treadmill interval training can help runners run stronger and more efficiently in a controlled setting and environment. Interval training on the treadmill can also benefit a work out plan for weight loss because it burns more calories than other traditional fitness classes. Workout tracking software can help you see your progress along the way and show you areas that can be improved.

Training goal setting programs can be implemented by personal trainers for the client to use on any treadmill so they can have ultimate flexibility in location of workouts. A simple HIIT cardio workout on the treadmill for new clients is to power walk for four minutes and run for one minute. Keep that on repeat for about thirty minutes and gradually increase the time of your workout. As you get stronger you can increase and decrease the interval times to match your growth and personal fitness level. For example, you can change the times to two minutes power walking and two minutes running or three minutes running following by one minute of walking. Changing it up helps prevent boredom and also prevents your body from getting used to a specific routine so that you continue to see results as you continue to train. Another type of HIIT workout that you can do on the treadmill is to use the incline instead of speed. If you are not able to run on the treadmill or are training for steep hikes, using the incline button to mimic uphill training can make an easy walk very challenging. This way also builds cardio, strength, and endurance in addition to burning many calories. If you are new to HIIT training on treadmill, be sure to consult with a personal trainer to help you started and to make sure you are training smart and training safely with high intensity interval training.

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