Heat Training For Summer Sports

When you become personal fitness trainer certified, you will be able to work with many different types of clients. Different clients require different types of training. Athletes who participate in outdoor sports during the summer months will benefit from heat training.

Heat training is something that athletes will use to help them acclimate their bodies to the heat outside so that their performance is not poorly affected by outside summer conditions. Running is a popular outdoor activity that is participated in year-round. Whether you are race walking versus running, you will still need to practice heat training for the best competitive edge. The heat can be brutal for many athletes. Many runners will experience hives after running when working out in the hot summer heat. There are a few ways that you can help your body prepare for summer sports.

Using a sauna is one way that runners or any outdoor enthusiast can help acclimate to the heat. You don’t have to spend a long time in a sauna. Spending fifteen minutes a few times a week is all you need to help build that kind of stamina in the heat. Your body will adapt. You’ll learn to take in extra fluids. Your body will be able to learn to absorb those fluids faster. You will also learn how that feels so that when you are training outside, you won’t feel as miserable as everyone else.  

Layering extra clothing is another way to help your body adapt to the heat. If you do not have access to a sauna, this is something that can be done in place of a sauna. Where long-sleeved clothing and long tights when going outside for a walk or run. You’ll work harder, sweat more, and drink more. All of these will need to be perfected for optimum performance in summer’s hottest temperatures.  

Working out in hot conditions can also help your body adapt to warmer temperatures. This can be done inside using a heated room, like a hot yoga class. It can also be done outside mid-day in full sun on a hot day. If doing your workout outside, make sure it is a short workout and you stay close to home so you can stay safe if you get too hot too quickly. Every person has a different threshold to the heat and everyone adapts differently.

Any trainer that works with athletes can help you with heat training for summer sports. Trainers who have completed running coach certification online can also help since their sport is mainly performed outside all year long. Proper heat training can help you continue your sports even when temperatures rise and can help decrease your risk of heat exhaustion. Heat training can also build personal fitness and endurance for all athletes.  

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