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Health, fitness and diet go hand-in-hand when deciding to pursue a wellness certification or personal trainer license. The types of training needed to perform your job the best depend on what area you plan to specialize in. Many of the certifications overlap each other since health, fitness, and diet are common discussions in all three fields. Specializing in one specific area will give you more knowledge and help you to stand out from other applicants when applying that job you want in the fitness and health industry.

Individuals wanting to specialize in the health and diet topics of the health industry would benefit greatly from the holistic nutrition certification programs or the natural nutritionist certification courses. Nutrition plays a big role for certified health coaches as clients come to you directly with requests to make positive changes to their dietary habits. It will be your job to separate fact from fiction for them, or proven scientific research over current trends and fads. The more knowledge and certifications you have in this area, the more information you will have to pass on to your clients and will be better trained to help them transition to a healthier lifestyle choice or break through a stubborn plateau.

Individuals interested in the fitness portion of the industry can get their foot in the door with a certification for personal training. From there, you can choose specialty certification programs within the fitness and training to move your work towards your choice of selected field of study. Personal trainers work a variety of fitness areas. There are hip hop trainers for the individuals who enjoy upbeat dance style workouts.

Prenatal exercise certification for those who enjoy working with expectant mothers and helping them stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy. Postnatal fitness is popular with new mothers who are trying to get back into shape.

Martial art training is gaining popularity with fast pace fun classes while improving confidence with a touch of self-defense. Obtaining certifications in these fields will help you teach these classes safely to others and risk injury. There are many other areas that a certified personal trainer can work in, as well as a variety of locations. Trainers can work in health clubs or doctors’ offices. They can also work online as an online health coach and work privately with clients either one-on-one or in small groups. There are endless options with a certified personal training degree.

Health, fitness, and diet make up the three main areas of certifications in the health and fitness industries. Deciding which program is best for you varies greatly based on what you like, what your expectations are, and what you expect to receive out of the class. Trainers do what they do because they love helping people get healthy and fit. The hours and pay vary as well depending on how long you have been doing it. The more experience and certifications you have, the better your pay and hours will be.

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