Group Fitness & Bootcamp: Get Outdoors!

Does going to a gym or getting on a treadmill sound boring to you? Try a group fitness class, such as boot camp, and take your workout outdoors! Being outdoors is great opportunity to enjoy new scenery while getting in a great workout.

With rising trends of going green and becoming more environmentally friendly, the fitness and health fields have followed along to meet the continuous changing needs of the clients. Many group fitness classes have taken a nontraditional approach and have moved their classes outdoors, wowing exercise enthusiasts worldwide. Trends have shown that people love being outdoors. For many business professionals, their workouts are the only time they get to spend outside. Group fitness classes held outside has even been compared to an adult outdoor recess by many loyal followers of outdoor fitness classes. Health and fitness management have noted these trends and have tried to incorporate as many outdoor group fitness classes as they can into their health clubs to meet the rising demands.

Functional fitness workout routines can be performed outside using boot camp styled classes. Individuals attend classes for a good workout and motivation, but they also want to have fun. Being outside combines the workout and fun together. Even when the weather turns cold, you better layer up because outdoor fitness classes are still happening! Continuing the outdoor fitness classes in the summer can help you acclimate to the heat and can help your performance in other sports.

A Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instruction certification can provide everything you need to teach a boot camp group fitness class. The fun comes from the creativity from the instructor. Being outside gives you limitless opportunity for creative workout ideas. Even aerobics step moves can be performed on a curb or bench. Many outdoor classes will meet near a school or park and they will utilize the playground equipment for even more challenging moves. Exercises to improve quickness can be done while your kids play on the playground!

Even newer yoga education notes the benefits of performing yoga in a peaceful outdoor environment to connect breathing to nature for stress release. These peaceful stretches can be utilized in an outdoor boot camp setting as the warmup and cool down routines to bring focus to the class.

If you are looking for a challenging class that stimulates the mind and provides a great workout, sign up for a boot camp class outside. You will be amazed at how much fun taking a workout outdoors can be.

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