Group Exercise vs. Personal Training: Pros & Cons

Group exercise and private personal training sessions can both be important components for anyone who is trying to lose weight, build endurance or simply trying to stay fit. When considering which option is best for you, it is important to look at the pros and cons of both.

Are you new to fitness or returning to fitness from an injury? Personal training provides more benefits for somebody in this category. With a certified personal trainer (CPT), you will receive a personalized program that incorporates your goals, current state of fitness, and limitations. A private session with a personal trainer will allow them to correct your form and technique to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. You will receive greater personal guidance and be challenged in a way that is individualized to your specific needs and goals. A personal trainer is like your own personal motivator, giving you guidance and helping you every step of the way to reach your goals.

Group exercise classes can be fun for individuals that do not require monitoring as closely as the private sessions. You will build friendships and camaraderie within your groups and a little healthy competition will make you push yourself a little harder, too. When working out alone, you need to be your own accountability partner. When working out in a group, you won’t want to let your friends and training partners down, so there's some motivation to keep up with the group. Some groups will use humor on social media outlets if you miss a class and nobody wants to be called out on a missed class! Group exercise classes are less expensive than one-on-one sessions and can add more variety and fun. For individuals who are a little self-conscious about the instructor watching every move, a group setting might be a better fit.

Both group exercise and personal training sessions are beneficial for anyone looking to continue or build on to their personal fitness level. Reviewing the pros and cons of both will help you determine which type of class is best for you. Choose the opportunity which will keep you motivated and challenged.

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