Group Exercise Class: Get Fit with Friends

Participating in a group exercise class is a great way to get fit with friends. It adds the social aspect of interacting with others who have similar goals in their fitness journey. It can also help with accountability and encouragement. Knowing you are going to be getting fit with friends will make you less likely to skip a class or stand up any of your friends who rely on you for encouragement.

Group exercise classes don’t have to be boring. There are many styles and varieties of classes to fit everyone’s fitness level and interests. Sometimes it is hard with a larger group of friends to find a single class that everyone enjoys equally. Change it up so you get plenty of variety and everyone will find a personal favorite. Sometimes the group exercise class you start off liking the least may be the one you enjoy the most after you get the hang of it.

Individuals who have a background or interest in karate may enjoy doing a group self defense course. These classes teach basic self defense moves with a cardio twist that burn calories and build confidence. These classes are great for those wanting to learn easy self defense moves and get a great full body workout that is fast paced and fun. You can kick, punch, and jab your stress away with friends.

Bootcamp style classes use drills to improve agility. These styles of classes are great for athletes who need the best workouts to increase speed and power for their sports performance. If there are any runners, triathletes, cyclists, or swimmers in your circle of friends, they will enjoy adding a bootcamp styled group fitness class to their training plans. Everyone can benefit from plyometric agility drills to increase overall functional fitness.

There are many types of classes to choose from to get fit with friends. Sign up for a group favorite or try something new and exciting. Try different locations with different trainers. Just as classes can vary, styles of trainers can vary too. The very same class you may not like could be the most fun with a different trainer leading it. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot keep up or can’t remember the sequence of the routine. The important aspect is to keep moving and to have fun getting fit with friends.

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