Get Ready for Fall Bootcamps!

Fall can provide new opportunities to get back in shape. With children going back to school and temperatures starting to cool off, there is no better time to get your fitness routine back on track. Bootcamp classes are a fun way to combine fitness and outdoor fun together while carving out some important self-care time for you. 

Personal fitness trainer courses offer certification in group fitness classes such as bootcamp.  Bootcamp classes are well loved by many individuals because they combine multiple types of fitness together for an ultimate fat burning workout that is always different. Personal exercise trainers who teach bootcamp classes combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises for a full body workout that burns calories and fat while toning and strengthening the body.  Bootcamp classes can also help build endurance, stability, power, and agility. Due to the always changing structure of bootcamp classes, the participants can always expect a different experience each time. This unique format eliminates boredom and prevents you from falling into a rut with regular gym routines. The format also ensures that you are working different muscles differently each time so that you always stay mentally engaged and physically challenged. The camaraderie among bootcamp participants helps with motivation and accountability.  If you are someone who needs a little extra motivation or do not enjoy solo workouts, bootcamp classes are perfect for you!

Personal health and wellness coaches like the calorie burn from bootcamp styled fitness classes.  Bootcamp classes burn more calories per class than other traditional aerobic classes. Because bootcamp formats combine cardio and strength training, you use more muscles and the calorie burn continues even after your class ends. Muscles burn calories too so strengthening and toning your body with anaerobic exercises increases calories burn throughout the day and can help speed up metabolism as well. Many athletes will use bootcamp classes as their cross training to improve power, speed, and agility in addition to increasing functional fitness to decrease their risk of sports injury. Bootcamp classes are great for all ages and all fitness levels.  Being able to celebrate personal fitness and grow at your own pace makes fall bootcamp classes effective and fun. 

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