Functional Fitness Certification: Training for Everyday Life

Personal training certification programs can give you everything you need to become a certified fitness trainer. Some trainers will choose to go into specific areas of training and acquire an additional wellness certificate in an area of interest or demand. An ASFA Functional Fitness certification is one of those specialties can that can help you be stronger in everyday life.

A Functional Fitness program design is a specific and custom plan that includes both full body functional exercises lists and a functional weight training workout. A trainer can help you define your goals and determine what exercises are necessary to help you achieve those goals. These functional exercises are custom because the physical demands of one client can vastly differ from the physical demands of another client. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses and imbalances to overcome to help them perform their best every day.

Functional Fitness is a great way to improve those imbalances for everyday fitness and even performing everyday tasks. Functional training is important, especially for seniors and aging athletes. What was once an easy task or workout can sometimes be difficult as our body’s age and our performance levels decrease. Functional training can help delay the aging of our joints and help to keep us moving independently. Functional training can also improve the quality of life for individuals who are reliant upon others for simple tasks that they used to be able to do. Regaining that independence and strengthening the muscles and joints to engage and react the way they used to can keep athletes in their sports longer and can prevent seniors from needing full time help.

You don’t need a fancy gym or a lot of equipment to perform functional fitness exercises. Many use your own body weight for the resistance. There are squats, lunges, kettlebell swings and pushups that you can do to help build functional fitness. These examples can help you climb stairs without injuring your knees, lift objects, and improve posture and decrease lower back pain.

Functional fitness certification is what every trainer needs to help clients with training for everyday life. Don’t delay and sign up for your functional fitness certification today!!

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