Functional Cardio & Toning Workouts for Athletes

Today, we would like to list five functional fitness accessories that help make for a great workout.  These accessories and uses are ideal for extreme fitness training and training athletes.

1.)  Heavy Ropes.  As shown in the picture above, heavy ropes can provide a great workout.  Ropes are ideal for building endurance and definition - but, aren't as portable as most fitness accessories.

2.)  Soft Medicine Ball.  Soft medicine balls are a great workout accessory that can be used indoors or outdoors.  Most of these medicine balls are made to withstand abuse... so, don't hesitate to throw them into your gym's wall (just get permission first)!

3.)  Slam Balls.  Slam balls are one of the most fun accessories around.  How often do you get to throw anything as hard as you can into a floor or wall?  Slam balls can provide a great cardio and muscular workout.

4.)  Kettlebells.  Kettlebells have been around since the 1700s and are still popular.  Of course, they weren't used for fitness purposes at that time.  Working out with kettlebells is a great way to understand the use of momentum and force application as it would be used in a real-life situation.

5.)  Weighted Vests.  Though not as dynamic as the other accessories listed, weighted vests are great functional fitness accessories.  If you ever find yourself having to push around a car that ran out of gas or do an asymmetric pull-up to climb a cliff - you will be glad that you training your pushing and pulling motions with more than just bodyweight.  Take a hike with a weighted vest will feel the difference.

Hopefully these training tips about functional fitness accessories have given you some ideas about your training and training for your more advanced athletes and/or clients. To learn more about functional fitness and it's real-life applications, click the link below.
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