Fueling Your Workouts – Eat for Success

The foods that we eat each day fuel our bodies so that we can have energy to accomplish our daily tasks. When we exercise, our daily dietary habits sometimes need to be adjusted to support the physical output that we need. Taking online courses for nutrition or furthering your education to obtain an online certificate in nutrition can help teach you all the knowledge you need to make healthy dietary choices that will benefit your workouts and help you achieve success with your personal fitness and health goals.

Online holistic nutrition degree or certification programs help you fuel your workouts for success by incorporating other factors that could impact nutrition and allows fitness professionals to look at the personal health and fitness goals from a different set of lens and a fresh perspective. For example, if you are not getting restful sleep at night, a holistic nutritionist might examine your daily dietary intake to determine if unhealthy habits have any correlation to other factors that could be hindering your success. Eating diets that are too high in sugar can effect hormones, mood, and sleep patterns. Eating too late or too much at night can also impact sleep by negatively impacting GI health. Taking a more holistic nutrition study approach can help identify dietary habits that could benefit from adjustments.

To determine what type of dietary habits or methods you should be using, you will first need to identify what your fitness or personal health goal is. Different goals require different styles of diets.  For example, if you are an endurance athlete, your diet will consist of a lot of carbohydrates which provide the fuel and energy your body needs to sustain that type of endurance in sports training and competition. If you are a bodybuilder, your diet will consist of high protein and low carb ratios to support muscle growth and leanness. If a distance runner tried to compete using the bodybuilder’s diet, they would have GI distress from too much protein and not enough energy to run the distance they need. If a bodybuilder tried to compete or train on an endurance athlete’s diet, they would not be able to gain muscular growth or obtain the lean physique they need for competition. Each athlete respectably has their own dietary habits that fuel their workouts and training for success. Identifying what your personal fitness and health goal is can help you determine what changes in daily dietary habits need to made to ensure success and personal growth.

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