Foam Rolling & Stretching Instruction Certifications: The Perfect Pair

Foam rolling and stretching instruction certifications go together as an active part of active recovery. They both are beneficial combined to release tightness and promote a faster recovery time.

There are many different types of stretching techniques. Passive stretching is a technique that involves a manual or mechanical external force, like how a certified physical trainer would assist during physical therapy. This method could also be achieved using a hand held foam roller and pressed directly to the muscle tissue. Resistance stretching is a technique that involves light resistance to get into a deeper stretch. This can be done manually or with exercise bands. Manual stretching is achieved with a trainer or medical assistant and is great for getting into the hip flexors and rotators that are difficult to stretch by yourself.

Foam rolling is great because it not only gets deeper than stretching alone, but it is something that you can do independently from anywhere. If you have aches and pains or tightness that won’t go away, using a foam roller is a great first step to trying to release the tightened muscle fibers. If you have tightness and do not address it, working out on it may aggravate the condition more and could lead to injury. Better to take a day off of your sport to concentrate on stretching and recovery than to be forced to the benches for weeks due to a muscle tear or torn tendon. Foam rolling and stretching can both prevent injury and reduce the amount of recovery time.

Functional movement specialists use foam rolling and stretching to help their clients with increased mobility and joint health. The stretching helps to relieve tight joints and allows them greater flexibility and improved agility.

Youth conditioning specialists use foam rolling and stretching in Kid’s fitness to help keep kids limber and injury free during their sports. Since children are still growing, it is very important not to add any strain to their developing joints and limbs. Foam rolling and active stretching can keep kids healthy and give them a lifelong passion for participation in sports.

Having a certification in stretching instruction and foam rolling make the perfect pair to keep athletes of all ages and all stages healthy and injury free.

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