Fitness Trainer Certification: CPT Your Way!

Are you a fitness professional who has been looking for a low-cost and inexpensive Personal Training certification that is convenient and educational?  If so, you are at the right place!  

At ASFA®, we do our best to keep our many certifications affordable, convenient and relevant to your everyday life as a personal trainer.  Knowing that you do not have the time to inconvenience yourself with traveling to testing centers and staying in hotels away from home, we offer all of our fitness certifications online - even Personal Training (CPT).  So, if you are looking to refresh your personal training knowledge and keep current as a CPT, you are where you need to be.

The best personal training certification programs are the ones that fit your personal needs most effectively.  Maybe you have weeks off of work to study and travel, maybe cost is no issue to you, if those are the case - you can find plenty of Personal Training certification providers who will make you travel and do your testing on their time-frame.  But, if you are like the rest of us who value our time and money, ASFA® allows your testing online, in the convenience of your own home (and whenever you want).  So, if you don't think you need to study - then, jump right in.  And, if you want to study for weeks, that's great.  You can take the test when you are ready (not when we tell you that you have to...).  

If you need help with your studying, we offer Human Kinetics texts and manuals to help assist you with your preparation.  Also, we offer marketing materials in our fitness professional kit that can help your business run at its most effective.  So, if you are looking to refresh your fitness knowledge as a personal trainer (CPT) just click the link below to start today!
Personal Trainer Certification

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