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Being a CPT - Certified Personal Trainer can be a rewarding job for fitness enthusiasts who are motivated to help individuals reach their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. Personal training enables you to branch into many different fields of fitness ranging from one-on-one private sessions to group fitness classes. The schedule of a fitness trainer also ranges from scheduled sessions or classes to full time club staff. The fitness jobs give you the greatest flexibility with time and scheduling as well as income too.

You may have wondered how to become a CPT. Fitness instructor requirements include studies and testing to receive your trainer certification. Many options allow you to take online study courses and do your testing online too. This option is great for busy individuals who are looking to train or add additional certifications and coursework to their programs.  Upon completing your course work and passing your certification tests, you will be a certified personal trainer and are eligible for hire in the fitness industry. A lot of trainers will chose to take their certification online and offer online coaching too for greater work flexibility options.

Certified personal trainer salary can vary greatly depending on what types of certifications you have and what level you teach at. The more certifications you have, the more competitive salary you will receive. Master personal trainers have the highest level of training and usually receive a higher salary when compare to other trainers who have less certifications. Some trainers work full time and some work part time. Others teach only a few classes each week and are paid only for the time that they are instructing. Having this flexibility gives trainers the ability to train at their own pace without creating a lot of work stress and creating a greater balance at home.

Becoming a certified personal trainer is a way to help spread fitness and health into schools and the community by inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle. The motivation that comes from a personal trainer makes individuals feel like they have their own personal cheerleader that guides them through their journey of fitness. A personal trainer sets an example for others by setting positive habits into place for others to follow. A trainer understands how to meet individuals where they are at and help guide them for continued growth as they learn to turn dreams into goals. If you enjoy helping others and are passionate about health and fitness, becoming a certified personal trainer is the job for you!

CPT (Personal Trainer) Exam

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