Fitness Instructor Course: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Fitness industry courses give you the knowledge and training you need to be successful as a certified personal trainer. Fit certificate programs give you the flexibility to teach group exercise class or individualized instruction for one-on-one training. Whichever style of training you decide to specialize in, the personal trainer prerequisites are the same.

The fitness instructor courses will lead you through instruction on how to build good repertoire with your clients. This will not only help you establish and build your personal coaching business, but will help you retain your clients too. You will learn how to exercise correctly with good form so that you can help others. You will learn how to build a good training plan for your clients to follow so that they will be able to receive the maximum benefits from your instruction. Clients are result driven. When they see the results they want, they enjoy the process more and referrals will start coming your way.

A positive attitude and an outgoing personality will also help you connect with your clients. You will be sought out for motivation and encouragement. You will be each of your clients personal cheerleaders on their personal journey to greater fitness and health. Being a positive role model for others in the community is strongly encouraged as you represent yourself, your coaching business, or the health club that you work at.

Fitness instructor courses can be taken in different types of settings depending on what types of certifications you seek out. ASFA® offers fitness instructor courses online for your convenience.  With accessible texts and manuals for ancillary materials, you can study and test when you are ready!

The salary of fitness instructors vary too depending on how many certifications you have and how many hours or classes you teach. Having more than one certification makes sure that you are better well rounded for any type of fitness instruction and will be more likely to be hired with more pay than others who have less certifications. Having more than one certification gives you better knowledge in other areas that overlap with your specialty so that you’ll be able to help on a deeper level in the fitness industry. ASFA online certification courses are a great way to enhance your current certifications and keep up to date on trends, skills, and studies.

Be a leader and get your certification as a fitness instructor today! The motivation and encouragement you give to others today, provides a healthier and fitter community for tomorrow.

Personal Trainer Certification

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