Fitness Instructor Certification Requirements

If you have ever researched how to become a certified fitness trainer, then you know that there are requirements that must be meet in order to obtain your certification. Personal fitness requirements are similar until you get into more advanced and specialized areas.

Certification for personal trainers requires you to do your studies in preparation for the exam. There are different study options available as a student depending on what your personal needs are. You can contact personal training schools online if you would like to do your course work remotely. Some online options allow you to do your testing online as well. It is common to do online coursework, but have to drive to a testing center to complete the test in person. It all depends on the company you choose to get your certification through. A certification test online is best for students who need the greatest flexibility with time. There are also traditional classroom options for those students who prefer a hands-on approach with an instructor.

To receive your certification, you will also need to be certified in CPR training. Some companies require AED training as well. Many of the companies that offer CPR training also offer the AED training as a combo training class. There are some online companies that will offer online CPR training certification. Be sure to research the requirements for the company you are getting your certification with and/or the company you are seeking employment from. Most will require a hands-on demo and hands-on testing. The CPR certification is usually valid for two years. Be sure to remember to stay current on your safety certifications.

After you have completed your studies and have passed your CPR certification, you are eligible to take the certified personal trainer (CPT) exam! If you have access to an online CPT test you can use that for practice so you will know what the format is like and can help make you less nervous on testing day. A passing grade will give you the fitness certification you have studied for. If you have taken your test online, many online schools will allow you to print your certificate immediately so you can begin employment as soon as you want to.

Staying knowledgeable in your health and fitness field will help you in your training career. Stay up to date on fitness trends and understand what your clients what so they can get the personalized help they need. Take continuing education courses or get certifications in additional fitness areas so you can handle different roles within the fitness industry giving you better job stability and seniority.

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