Fitness and Mental Health - Fight Depression with Fitness!

Personal health and wellness coaching can help you improve overall personal health with fitness.  Personal trainer benefits can be used for more than just burning calories, improving fitness, and maintaining a healthy BMI, or body mass index.  A personal health wellness coach digs deeper to see what fitness challenges can be contributing factors to other health concerns so that a more holistic approach is taken for great success in adapting lifestyle choices.  Taking a different approach to personal fitness and wellness can help improve overall health and wellbeing and battle depression!

Many individuals who suffer from depression also suffer from chronic fatigue.  Creating a personal fitness program with consistent workouts and accountability partners or training sessions helps to improve energy.  Improving energy levels helps you feel more productive and can produce feel-good endorphins when you work out.  When you maintain consistency with your workouts, you will naturally feel better about yourself and will give your metabolism a boost.  Workouts do not have to be extreme to good those feel-good endorphins flowing.  You can go for a walk around the block, swim laps at a neighborhood pool, ride a bike, or try a new fitness class.  You can recruit your neighbors and friends to help with accountability.  Family can also be motivating and supportive.  Include your kids if you can and make fitness time bonding time as well.

Yoga and Tai Chi are both types of fitness that can help fight depression too.  Focusing on breathing and meditation can help lower heart rate, blood pressure, and stress, to help battle the blues.  Yoga and Tai Chi also help improve focus and clarity, which many individuals struggle with when battling depression.  Group yoga classes can help you get more social if you are craving a fitness environment that is more social.  Yoga and Tai Chi can also be done at home with online fitness apps or online personal training coaches.  Personal trainer advertising can help you find the perfect online yoga class or popular group yoga class if you wanted to take on a new type of fitness for stress reduction.  

There are a variety of fitness classes that are meant for every fitness level and every age.  Determine what your personal goals are and make a fitness plan from there.  Selfcare is a popular topic in fitness right now.  Selfcare can help set good work/life balance, lower stress, and decrease chronic fatigue. 

Advanced Health and Wellness Coach Certification

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