Fall Back into Fitness with a New Routine

Cooler weather and the new Fall season can create new opportunities to renew your fitness routine.  Health fitness training can help you get back on track and back into a healthy personal fitness routine.  A health fitness specialist can introduce new workout programs and fitness classes to spark your motivation and guide you along your personal fitness journey.  A lifestyle fitness coach helps you create new healthy habits for a more active lifestyle.  Here are some fitness ideas to rekindle your workout this fall season:

  1. Try a new fitness class, such as kick boxing workouts. Cardio karate classes help burn calories, build endurance, and increase personal fitness while supporting weight loss and muscle growth.  Kick boxing workouts are high energy classes that change the formatting frequently to prevent repetition of class exercises and to prevent boredom.  These fast paced workouts are fun and can be enjoyed by all ages and all fitness levels.
  2. Take a hike. Find a trail near you and enjoy the cooler weather and the calmness of being in nature.  Spending time outdoors is linked to improved mental health and improved daily sleep patterns.  Take your family with you to make it a family fitness day.  Pack a picnic lunch to spend the day together and strengthen family bonds and family fitness.
  3. Sign up for a fitness event. Fall is marathon season and most marathon events offer shorter distances such as 5k or 10k events to market to the greater masses.  These shorter events can be a fun family event or a friendly competition among friends.  These shorter distances are easy to train for and the training can be completed within a couple of months.  The shorter distances are usually over in a couple of hours on event day so it is appealing to many individuals to be able to compete in an event and have the rest of the day to spend with family. 
  4. Use fitness for improved mood and mental health. Fall marks the beginning of the busy holiday season.  The holidays can be stressful for many individuals due to family, work, and financial commitments.  Using fitness to improve your mood such as yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Tai Chi can help you destress and lessens the risk of holiday blues that impacts many over the season. 

There are many opportunities for growth and wellness in personal fitness.  Making new fall commitments can help you get on track for the end of the year and begin the New Year on the right foot.  Personal trainers and fitness coaches are all great resources for making positive changes to your current workout program for a fitter and healthier tomorrow.  Unlock your full potential with a new routine and recommit to getting back on track with your personal fitness routine. 

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