Exclusive VIP Discounts by Joining ASFA's Partner Program!

What is the best perk of getting a health wellness coach certification? The exclusive VIP discounts you get when you join ASFA’s Partner Program! This program is designed for all fitness, health, and wellness professionals and provides access to a wealth of information and articles from how to become a successful personal trainer to how to gain self-confidence in the gym. ASFA’s Partner Program gives exclusive discounts on health certifications so you can continue your education and take your career from beginner personal trainer to master level trainer. The benefits of a certification program are endless for fitness trainers and enthusiasts.

With ASFA’s Partner Program, you’ll never have to stay up late at night searching through various fitness sites looking for credible sources and information. ASFA is one of the top leaders in fitness training and each program, certification, and partnership is perfected to give you the excellence you deserve in both professional fitness training and customer service. Whether you’re new to the fitness profession or a well-trained sports coach, there is something for everyone at the ASFA’s Partner Program.  

Many trainers can utilize the partnership to create lateral changes in their fitness career. Maybe you’ve been a yoga teacher for too long and want to change things up with a sassy hip hop dance fitness certification or a confident martial arts fitness certification. The possibilities are endless and the discounts provide greater opportunities for trainers to build their resumes and education with affordable discounted certification programs. Trainers can also use it to gain skills and knowledge that complement what they already do. Endurance coaches might benefit from a sports nutrition certification to better support their clients physical and dietary needs during training. Body builder instructors may want to learn about better nutrition to support their fitness goals.  

All ages and all fitness levels can enjoy the VIP discounts by joining ASFA’s Partner Program. The discounts add up to tremendous savings and all of the education and certification programs bring higher wages and financial stability to a growing industry that is in high demand. Sign up today and start adding up those discounts!

ASFA Partner Program

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