Do You Burn More Calories in Cold Weather?

Private personal training can help you get back on track for the ultimate calorie burning workout. With the arrival of cooler months, many program wellness coaches have taken advantage of outdoor workouts to burn more calories. Current research in fitness shows that when you exercise in cold weather, your body burns approximately thirty percent more calories when compared to exercise performed in warmer temperature. The cooler temperatures cause your body to work harder to stay warm.  Even shivering in cold weather can cause the body to burn additional calories. The body’s thermogenesis process becomes more efficient at burning stored fat to be used as fuel to regulate body heat. Personal training tips advise taking your workouts outdoors to reap this extra calorie burning benefit, but be sure the temps are above freezing so that your personal health and safety are not compromised by exposure to colder environmental elements.

Many physical fitness classes have taken their group fitness classes outdoors, such as boot camp styled fitness classes, running blended workouts, and group cycling. There are many different styles and types of outdoor fitness classes to choose from if you are looking for a more social work out that helps with accountability and motivation. It can sometimes be difficult to maintain a level of motivation when it is cold outside. Having appropriate layers can help keep you comfortable and focused on your workout, instead of focusing on feeling cold. Wear wool blended materials that help regulate body temperature. Wool blended materials continue to keep you warm, even when they get sweaty or wet. Layers can be beneficial, especially for outdoor cardio workouts like running. Being able to take a layer off after you warm up can help keep you dry and decrease your risk of hypothermia. Hats and gloves also help you retain some warmth during outdoor colder workouts. 

Family friendly outdoor workouts can be done as well in colder temperatures for fitness benefits, stress reducers, and creating stronger family bonds in addition to happy memories that will last a lifetime. Outdoor family hikes on a chilly day can be a refreshing way to enjoy nature together and appreciate the wildlife. Ice skating, sledding, skiing, and snow shoeing are all ways to enjoy some family fitness together in cold temperatures. Remember that children cannot regulate body temperatures as well as adults. Be sure to pack their scarves, gloves, hats, and even extra dry clothing to change into if you plan to be outdoors for the entire day. 

Outdoor workouts on a cold day can help you burn up to thirty percent more calories! Grab your family and friends and head outdoors for a change of pace, change of scenery, and get a kick start on your personal fitness goals by torching additional calories just by being outside. Fall and winter offer additional outdoor seasonal sports that can help break up the monotony of stuck-in-a-rut workouts.  Work harder and burn more calories with colder temp workouts.

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