Decrease Stress with Yoga

Stress can be caused by several different factors such as work, career, homelife, and other relational and social issues. Stress has been linked to higher cortisol levels in the body which can wreak havoc on your metabolism, mood, and sleep patterns, creating a higher risk of negative overall impact on your health.  Using yoga and yoga resources to help calm the body and mind can help to decrease stress and cortisol levels in the body.  A yoga fitness training program can provide a holistic approach to combatting stress and improving overall physical and emotional health. 

There are yoga specific equipment and tools that can be used to help build intensity and variety to your yoga workouts. Yoga with a ball helps to challenge the mind and core as you build focus and stability.  A yoga stability ball can help you target different muscle groups with added support.  A yoga workout ball can help build functional fitness that all age groups can benefit from.  This low impact favorite can be used in fitness training for older individuals looking to ease into a safe and beneficial fitness program that helps them deal with stress and anxiety through breathing techniques and meditation.  Yoga workouts can also help athletes that are injured and having to find a new way to workout and battle stress during their recovery.  Yoga is also a healthy exercise to introduce to children to help them cope with stress and anxiety at school, especially for children who have behavioral challenges and/or developmental disabilities.  Yoga, when used to relieve stress, is a healthy tool that one can benefit from for a lifetime. 

Yoga is a great exercise to use for stress reduction because it does not require any equipment and you can do many of the exercises from your desk at the office.  Are you having a stressful day?  Breathe in slowly for four counts and exhale slowly for four counts.  This is called a yoga breath and is used in many different settings to lower stress and stabilize moods.  A baby pose is also a relaxing way to end a stressful day.  Feel free to hold any of the yoga poses longer as needed to help combat stress and anxiety.

Yoga Certification

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