Core Balance Exercises: Balance and Stability Certification

Why Everyone Needs a Strong Core and Good Balance

From the most frail to the most athletic, everyone can benefit from a stronger core and better balance.  ASFA's Balance and Stability Instruction Certification is unique in that it applies to several very different special populations:  Seniors and Athletes.  Of course, balance and stability applies to everyone.  But, rarely can you earn a qualification that is so practical and useful for clients on such extreme ends of the fitness spectrum.  Whether your goals are to improve a tumbling routine, a martial arts competition, your baseball swing or are a senior looking for fall prevention training - Balance and Stability is what you need.

Core balance exercises are essential to all balance routines.  With a strong core, you can keep better posture.  And, with better posture - you can keep better balance.  ASFA's Balance and Stability Instruction Certification helps to teach you about different core exercises as well as accessories to implement in your balance routines.  You can learn how to correctly perform stability ball crunches, half-ball squats, agility ladder drills and more.

Introducing instability to a core workout (such as crunches on a stability ball) is a great way to work small stabilizing muscles that aren't always worked with the traditional version of the exercise.  In a controlled, safe environment, this is a great way to improve stability and prepare for that moment when your client might lose his/her balance.  Maybe learning the correct form for a lower back hyperextension on a stability ball instead of the traditional gym machine can help improve your client's posture more.  Or, learning about gait and postural strategies used to prevent falls from occurring and/or react to them as they do can help prevent needless injuries.  Either way, balance and stability is something that everyone needs.  From extreme athletes to senior citizens, balance and stability makes a difference in performance and quality of life.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start learning now with ASFA's Balance and Stability Instruction Certification!

Balance and Stability Certification

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