Certified Sports Nutritionist: The Qualification that Applies to Everyone

Why Every Fitness Professional Should Become Qualified as a Certified Sports Nutritionist

As a fitness professional, you see all types in gyms. From the average men and women trying to get in shape and lose a few pounds to the hardcore bodybuilder trying to shred down to almost no body fat for competition. As you think of the types of clients you have personally had and/or look around the gym, you might see senior citizens, teenagers, professional athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, people trying to lose weight, people trying to gain weight and more.....

With such a large diversity, how can you help them all? How can you specialize in powerlifting, senior fitness, youth fitness and everything else at the same time? You can't. But, what you can do is specialize in the one component of fitness that they all need - nutrition. By becoming a Sports Nutritionist, you learn how to determine correct diets and nutrition for sports performance. You also learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how your nutrient intake affects the body. You might think that helping a bodybuilder get lean for a competition and helping a senior have more energy for Water Aerobics are totally unrelated. If you do, you are wrong.  A complete and thorough understanding of Sports Nutrition is needed for both.  If there is one qualification that applies to all fitness populations, it is Sports Nutrition.  

An ASFA certification in Sports Nutrition is one of the most versatile and applicable qualifications that any fitness professional can receive.  Whether you are a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor, Water Aerobics Instructor, Cycling Instructor or any other kind of fitness professional - becoming a certified Sports Nutritionist is the right next step for your career.  Help your clients, help yourself - become a certified Sports Nutritionist today!

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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