Cell Phone Addiction – Too Much Screen Time Can Mean Not Enough Gym Time!

How can you help people beat their cell phone addiction by engaging in meaningful fitness activities?

Cell phone addiction is becoming a real issue in today’s society. Smartphones have changed the way we live and changed how we interact with others, and the level of exercise we undertake. We can now simply use our instant messaging apps to communicate, or use facetime to see our loved ones and family. Physical exercise seems to be sitting on the back burner to mobile games, texting, internet surfing, etc. Why walk to your neighbor’s house when you can pick up your smartphone and instantly message him/her? Why travel to a store when you can order your goods online and have them delivered to your doorstep? As daily tasks become more convenient, daily exercise is becoming less prominent.

While there is still large segment of the population who are active and engage in regular fitness, the general level of activity in our population is not fantastic. How do we seek to change this as fitness professionals? How can we motivate people to undertake fitness classes and get active? What can we do to show people the benefit of living a healthy lifestyle and pulling away from their cell phones?

As a personal fitness instructor or a fitness professional, you can continue to provide an impeccable service and expand your knowledge with qualifications pertinent to your clients. The more attractive you can make your service, the more chance you have of attracting new clients. Also, as a fitness professional – walk the walk! Look the part! Eat healthy! Fit is attractive. When people see what you look like, they will want to know how you did it. If you are too busy playing games on your phone or texting your friends, how will you set the right example?

We aren’t saying that cell phones are bad. On the contrary, convenience is great. But, let’s take a different spin on that online convenience. Now that you can order and pay a product in less than a minute (one that you would have gone to the store to purchase years ago), you have saved that travel time. As a matter of fact, you can do so much more now in so much less time, why not take 45 minutes out of your day to workout. After all, you probably saved several hours for travel time with your online shopping; so why not just take a fraction of that same time and use it to help yourself live a healthier more fit life! Screen time can be addictive – but, so can your daily workout. Use the time you save on your phone to clear some time to workout. Have the best of both worlds and make your screen time and your workout time a Win-Win situation!

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