Bodybuilding vs. Powerlifting – Which is Right for You?



Bodybuilding and powerlifting are both types of resistance training workouts that build strength and tone the body. Deciding which style of training is best for you depends on what your personal goals are and what you are willing to commit to in regards to training. Bodybuilding and powerlifting have a completely different approach in terms of training as well as nutrition. They are both two different sports with two different end results as the goal. Bodybuilders are all about building size and getting lean so that their physique can be competition ready. Powerlifting focuses on strength, not size or physique. Any person can commit to either style of training and with the right level of support from private personal trainers specializing in either bodybuilding or powerlifting can be successful.

Professional certifications are available for personal trainers who want to obtain a specialty training certificate in bodybuilding or powerlifting. Choosing a trainer who has the experience and knowledge in your chosen sport will help you achieve success and can help with mental toughness and motivation when the training becomes physically and emotionally challenging, like when bodybuilders have to alter their diets to get cut just before competition. Without having a proper trainer, it can be difficult to find the proper balance between nutrition and training with modifications or accommodations individually created for your unique specific needs and goals. A personal trainer’s bio will allow you to see what qualifications and certifications that specific trainer has so that you will know if that person is a good fit to help you reach your personal fitness goals.  

Bodybuilders spend a lot of time doing many reps to get lean and toned. They focus on building lean muscle tissue with sizable gains and consume high protein diets to support that new muscle growth and for faster recovery times between workouts. Bodybuilder's finished goal is a perfectly chiseled body where each muscle has definition. Personal strength is not a goal of theirs. Powerlifters, on the other hand, focus on strength alone. They do not consume special diets to make them leaner. They consume diets that support the power training programs they use. They are extremely strong and focus all growth in getting stronger, not leaner. Each person has their own unique body type so each person within their respected sport will look different. Bodybuilders spend a lot more time in the gym doing many reps. Powerlifting can be done productively during gym workouts and allows the client the opportunity to have a good balance between training, work, and home life. Choosing what your final goal is and looking at time commitments for training will help you decide which type of resistance training you want to commit to.

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