Become a Triathlon Coach

Many personal trainers will create a trainer business focusing on coaching for a specific sport. Their personal trainer job description will remain fluid as they continue to train and coach clients. Focusing on a specific task, such as becoming a triathlon fitness coach, can help their clients be better prepared for competition. The workouts will shift from getting fit, to building functional fitness relative to that specific sport to enhance output and power during performance. 

Triathlons involve three sports which are grouped together as one long competitive event. Triathlons include swimming, biking, and running. A triathlon fitness coach can provide specific workouts to help improve performance training in each of these sports. Having a coach to oversee your workouts can decrease the risks of injury from improper exercise form and from over training.  If you have a specific time goal, a coach can help you with speed drills to help you reach your it. If you are prone to injury, a coach can help you do more preventative functional fitness exercises to strengthen the joints and to prevent muscular imbalances. A coach can also help keep you focused and motivated during long training sessions.

Becoming a triathlon fitness coach will also bring you a greater knowledge of body anatomy exercise muscle. This can be especially useful for clients who may be recovering from injury or who are new to the sport of triathlons. A coach will be able to assist with modifications specific to your individual needs so you can still be successful in your sport. A coach can also help you set realistic goals and expectations. Having a realistic expectation can help you be successful as you go on your fitness journey. Coaches can assist you with proper technique and plyometric drills for power and strength. 

When you become a triathlon fitness coach, you become a personal cheerleader for the success of your clients. You get the opportunity to help others reach their goals and to achieve their personal best in competition. Sign up to become an ASFA triathlon fitness coach today and see all the ways that you can impact your community in a positive way!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

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