Ballet Fitness: Balance On The Barre!

Ballet barre fitness has grown in popularity in health clubs and studios across the United States. Aside from being a fun workout, ballet fitness is able to provide some productive cross training to your fitness regimen.

Ballet fitness incorporates the use of a barre. The barre is a stationary bar that is hung horizontally on the wall and mimics the bar that ballet dancers use in training. The barre can add greater stability to workouts, allowing you to get in those deeper moves than when compared to other traditional fitness classes. The stability of the barre is also great for seniors and other populations who are at risk for falling. No prior dance experience is needed to enjoy a ballet fitness class and all levels of fitness are able to improve focus and flexibility through the ballet fitness classes.

Ballet barre fitness uses your own body weight for resistance and utilizes short and controlled movements that help to fatigue and strengthen the muscles quickly. Having to control small movements helps you with focus and strength as well. Ballet fitness is admired for the ability to receive a total body workout, with emphasis on the legs and core.

Ballet barre fitness increases strength and flexibility. The moves are low impact so minimal stress is put on the joints. Be sure to ask an instructor to check your form to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout and also to make sure that your alignment is good to prevent over extension or muscle strain. Optimal results have been reported by ballet fitness goers with attendance of at least three times per week. This style makes a perfect cross train addition to other sports and routines.

Ballet barre fitness offers a total body strengthening work out using your own body weight as resistance. It also improves flexibility over time, giving your joints extra protection in other sports. Ballet fitness classes are offered in both health clubs and private studios across the United States. Try something new and fun and become a Ballet Barre Fitness Instructor today!

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